We are offering you two exceptional safe and effective whitening systems, both of individual teeth and the entire dental arches, individually matched, depending on the type of enamel and sensitivity of the teeth:

The office system:
  • • Opalescence Boost tooth whitening system is a preparation for bleaching teeth in the dentist’s office based on the 38% hydrogen peroxide. Chemical activation of Opalescencje Boost allows obtaining a maximum effectiveness of the bleaching preparation, while an additional activation with light is not necessary. Thanks to a neutral pH and a maximum oxidizing activity, this gel is highly effective and at the same time does not damage the enamel. Additionally the preparation contains fluorine and potassium nitrate, therefore after the procedure the patient does not suffer from hypersensitivity.
    • Opalescence Endo whitening system is a system for bleaching dead teeth (treated endodontically). It allows obtaining a good aesthetic effect in case of discoloured dead teeth without the necessity to use prosthetic treatment. .

System for home tooth bleaching:
  • • Opalescence 10%, 15%, 20% overlay system is a painless and easy method for whitening teeth at home. Composition of the preparation is based on carbamide peroxide; additionally it contains fluorine and potassium nitrate - against hypersensitivity, which significantly increases comfort of the treatment. The preparation contains 20% of water, which decreases the risk of dehydration of teeth. Opalescence 10% and 15% are used for overnight overlay whitening, while Opalescence 20% is used for a few-hour treatment during the day.