The domain of conservative dentistry is prevention and treatment of the most common tooth disease - dental caries. It is mainly caused by activity of harmful bacteria, often also improper diet and untidiness of hygiene of oral cavity. Dental caries can manifest itself in unaesthetic discolouration in dental enamel, hypersensitivity and pain. Treatment of simple dental caries in case of defects of hard dental tissues consists in complete preparation, restoration and filling of the defect.

Our Clinic uses light-cured composites, whose colour is selected individually and in practice does not differ from the shade of natural teeth.

Untreated dental caries may lead to damage of the dental pulp, which is connected with pain complaints and necessity to undergo the root canal treatment. An extremity in case of results of untreated dental caries is extraction of a tooth, which is exceptionally unfavourable due to the fact that event the most perfect prosthetic fillings cannot replace a natural tooth. Untreated dental caries not uncommonly also leads to tooth mortality and formation of a hidden focus of infection, which in turn may have influence of the health of the entire body. .