A perfect smile not only results from healthy, but also from neat and tidy teeth. Nowadays aesthetic dentistry offers many solutions, which help to restore a beautiful smile.

Tooth bleaching
Our Clinic currently offers two most modern tooth bleaching methods in the world. First of them is the overlay method recommended especially to patients with thin enamel and dental hypersensitivity. It lasts for ca. 2 weeks, while the effect is visible just after the first application of bleaching preparation. On the first visit the dentist takes the impression of the patient's dental arch. Then a special overlay on the teeth, individually matched with the patient's teeth, is prepared in the prosthetic laboratory. During the next visit the patient is provided with the overlays and syringes with the bleaching gel, together with detailed instructions for further use.

To perform the treatment, the patient needs to:
- squeeze the appropriate amount of the gel from the syringe and spread it in the overlay hollows corresponding
   to the frontal surfaces of the teeth
- after cleaning the teeth place the overlay on the teeth and press firmly
- wear the overlay for approx. 3 hours during daytime or overnight (depending on concentration of active substance of the preparation).

After each procedure brush the teeth with fluorine toothpaste. The whitening procedure should be continued for 10-14 days. After completion of the treatment the patient should undergo tooth fluoridation procedure in the dentist's office. The effect of overlay whitening is durable, however if slight darkening of the teeth occurs (after 6-12) months, a repeat procedure may be performed, involving wearing the overlay for 1-2 nights.

The second method involves tooth whitening in the dentist’s office by means of preparation with a proper concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This is a short procedure; it lasts approx. 1.5 hours and the effect is immediate and holds for ca. 2 years. This method is recommended for patients with firm and thick enamel.

Porcelain veneers
Ceramic veneers are an aesthetic prosthetic solution e.g. in case of fracture of a crowning of a tooth, erosion of a tooth, erosion of enamel or many fillings, unaesthetic gaps in dentition, discolouration or other deformities of a crowning. Porcelain veneers are thin, ceramic plates, which are glued on the frontal surface of teeth. Preparation of a ceramic veneer usually requires two visits.
The procedure is conducted with a local anaesthesia. The dentist slightly grinds the tooth and then takes the impression. During the next visit a ready veneer is fixed on the tooth. Thanks to the veneer a tooth gains a perfect shape and expected colour.