Not only do defects in dentition constitute a serious aesthetic issue, but most of all they do not remain indifferent for the entire chewing system. Lack of even one tooth may cause that the remaining teeth are more loaded and forces released during biting of food are unevenly distributed, which in consequence may lead to disorders of its functioning.

The type of prosthesis is selected depending on the quantity, quality of defects and their distribution.
A porcelain crown is a prosthetic filling cemented permanently, limited with its extent to the crowning of a tooth.

In the place of missing two or three neighbouring teeth a fixed bridge can be placed, that is interconnected porcelain teeth “supported” on one’s healthy teeth. In case when there are too many teeth missing and the prosthesis cannot be hung on the neighbouring teeth, our Patients are offered removable dentures. Those include popular acrylic and frame prostheses.

There is also a possibility to make removable dentures on denture locks or implants.

Click here to see an example of a prosthetic treatment (performed by PhD Maciej Goczewski, dental practitioner)