Removal of dental deposits
The main task of prophylaxis is to control dental plaque - the main cause of development of caries. Systematic brushing of teeth is not the one and only efficient method for controlling the dental plaque, therefore periodical cleaning of teeth in dental office every 6 months is such an important part of dental hygiene. That allows controlling the bacterial plaque and removes dental calculus - frequent causes of diseases of both teeth and gums. It also removes deposit forming unaesthetic discolouration. The procedure is performed by means of a sand-blasting machine and ultrasounds. After cleaning and polishing the surface of teeth with polishes, teeth are protected with fluoric preparation.

Pit and fissure sealing

One of the most important elements of prophylaxis is also pit and fissure sealing by means of light-cured fissure sealant. This procedure is performed on molar deciduous teeth and permanent molars and premolars within a few months from occurrence of denture chewing surface, when the enamel had not yet undergone the process of demineralization. Sealing prevents deposits of bacteria and development of factors favourable to formation of dental caries. It is a completely painless procedure.