Thanks to application of modern technology in endodontics, many teeth, recently doomed to extraction, can be treated.

Principles of root canal treatment have not changed for decades. They consist in removal of soft tissues, included in the dental pulp, from the chamber and root canals, widening and formation of the system of root canals and filling them tight.

To precisely and quickly perform the root canal treatment, our Clinic uses the most modern
endodontic systems:
- manual and mechanical tools for root canal preparation,
- the endometer allowing for a precise electronic measurement of the working length
   of the root canal,
- an X-Ray generator with RVG system used for immediate evaluation of endodontic treatment,
- System B, used for plasticization of gutta-percha (a material used for filling root canals),
- a microscope providing a magnified picture of the operating field.

Use of a microscope during root canal treatment is particularly helpful in removal of broken root canal tools.

Click here to see an example of endodontic treatment (performed by PhD Maciej Goczewski, dental practitioner)